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Natural Supplement & Probiotics Company

The body in balance. That is what we live and breathe at Nutri-Health.

At Nutri-Health Supplements, our passion lies in developing quality natural supplements scientifically proven to balance digestive and immune health.

We started out in probiotics, developing our exclusive, leading-edge Multi-Probiotic®, Flora Source in 1987. We have since expanded our science to offer a full array of probiotoc formulations, digestive enzymes. Our exclusive targeted formulations are designed to help prevent and alleviate some of today’s top health concerns by correcting intestinal flora, enzyme and nutritional imbalances brought on by factors like stress, poor diet, medications, chlorinated water, our toxic environment... So that you can Take Control of Your Health.

The science of the body in balance… for healthy people

Nutri-Health researchers put their science expertise to work every day, combining selected probiotics, enzymes or other natural ingredients to target specific health needs. It’s all about innovating to strike that perfect balance.

From this expertise has come our exclusive Multi-Probiotic® blends, formulated for their effectiveness based on clinical research results, our high-quality, professionally endorsed enzyme formulas and our complete range of premium supplement blends.

We manufacture all our probiotic products in small batches – with zero outsourcing. That gives us complete control over our production so we know the exact date of birth of our products and can always guarantee the freshest inventory. And, thanks to a proprietary matrix encapsulation process, our probiotics are shelf stable – with no refrigeration required. So people know they can trust the potency of Nutri-Health® to help get their body back in balance.