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  • Support Macular And Retinal Health

    Bi-Optium™ Eye Health

    w/ Lutein & Zeaxanthin antioxidants

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    Bi-Optium™ can help:

    • Support macular and retinal health
    • Improve oxygen flow to your eyes and blood vessels
    • Fight against harmful free radicals
    • Support normal vision and healthy eyes as you age

Vision Health

Most vision supplements on the market give you the crucial eye health nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin. But, to keep your vision health strong, you need to nourish every part of the eye, including your maculae, retinas, lenses, and blood vessels, with a variety of antioxidants and eye-supporting nutrients.

Our Bi-Optium combines lutein and zeaxanthin with a blend of powerful antioxidants to give your eyes the protection they need to fight free radicals and preserve your healthy vision. This exclusive combination of scientifically studied ingredients supports every part of your eye, including the maculae and retina, improves oxygen flow to your eyes and blood vessels, and supports normal vision and healthy eyes as you age.